5 Basketball Tips to Help You Become a Powerhouse Player

In the game of basketball, guts is one thing, but skills is another. In fact, a skill is more decisive than guts most of the time. Even if you are born with the height of Shaq or the speed of Kobe, you still need to strive to put more edge on your playing. Here are some killer basketball tips that are geared to take your game to the next level.Killer Basketball Tips to Improve Your Hardcourt Skills:1. Do some basketball simulation exercises. You can put more edge in your playing ability even without using a ball. What you need is to practice basketball moves by performing basketball simulations. It pays to master various basketball moves even without the ball. This can help build your stamina and agility, not to mention your scoring potential during the actual game. Focus on some vital hardcourt moves such as fakes, fast breaks, front cuts, and back cuts.2. Practice swinging low. Practice playing low as much as possible. This will help you improve your defense. The advantage of playing low is that you can protect the ball against your opponent more efficiently. Do pivot simulations while dribbling the ball. Just be careful not to expose the ball while doing pivots. Your opponent may spot an opportunity to grab the ball from you without effort.3. Increase your resistance. Like all physically-demanding sports, basketball requires extreme body resistance and stamina. Building body resistance is very crucial if you want to fare good for the whole duration of the game. It takes constant practice and training to endure hours of running back and forth a 94 x 40 foot space. Another thing is, you should quit unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. These activities weaken your body resistance.4. Sleep well. You should sleep for at least eight hours before a game. This will help recharge your body. It also helps prepare your strength for long hours of strenuous hardcourt torture. If you have difficulty getting a decent sleep, you can consult a physician for the appropriate medications.5. Review game videos. Ideally, it is best to watch your opponent’s game before the game. This will help your team in adopting necessary game preparations and plans to counter your opponent’s moves.Remember that these tips are not the end-all-be-all guidelines to improve your playing. These are just some of the most practical measures that would help you become a better player. As a piece of advice, always strive to improve your skills and never tire on learning techniques from better players.